New Riders

New Riders

New Riders... Start your engines. 

  • Preparing for the journey

    Before twisting that throttle, you’ll need to register in an SGI-approved basic motorcycle training program. Courses can range from $400 - $500 and training begins as soon as weather permits! 

    Check out the various programs here and make sure to book ahead as class sizes are limited and in high demand!   
  • Gearing up 

    Registered? Now it's time to gear up! 
    You don’t need brand new riding gear, but we do recommend finding the right helmet. 

    We love new riders and we're just as excited as you are! Stop by the shop where our experts will happily answer any questions or deck you out in the right equipment to make sure you’re totally safe. 

    Mandatory Protective Equipment:
    - An approved (DOT, Snell, CSA, ANSI, ECE) 3-quarter, modular or full-face helmet
    - Over the ankle boots: hiking boots, work boots, motorcycle boots
    - Safety glasses, goggles, or face shield
    - Motorcycle jacket or other heavy weight denim or leather jacket 
    - Full length pants or motorcycle pants and/or chaps (A minimum of heavy weight denim jeans with no holes/tears)
    - Full finger, tight fitting leather gloves
    - Rain jacket and pants (optional, but highly recommended)

    Now you’re all geared up and ready to pass that course! Good luck!   
  • Test your knowledge

    Now that you've passed your training program (we knew you would), you must pass the Basic Knowledge Exam, Sign Exam, Motorcycle Knowledge Exam with a grade of at least 80%. 

    Make sure you nail the tests by taking the SGI practize quiz online Practice Quiz. These exams cost $25 each and they will test your understanding of the rules of the road from the Saskatchewan Driver’s Handbook. To schedule an exam, you can visit any SGI driver exam office.      
  • Ready to ride!

    Congratulations on getting your learner's license! Come down to our shop and show it off. 

    Every bike has a life of its own, meaning there's something for everyone! Our expert team is stoked to share their knowledge and help you meet the new love of your life.  

Motorcycle Learner 6 Endorsement

As a learner motorcycle driver with a Motorcycle Learner 6 Endorsement remember to: 
  • validate your endorsement at a motor licence issuer, and 
  • pay your $15 fee. 
Don’t let your license expire! It adds extra time to the Motorcycle Graduate Driver’s License (MGDL) program, meaning you won’t graduate to an experienced motorcycle rider as quickly. 

 The 24-month time limit: You’re a new rider so you’ll have to ride as a learner for 12 months before you can take the non-learner 'M' Endorsement road test. If you don't pass the 'M' Endorsement road test within 24 months of getting your 6 Endorsement, you’ll have to rewrite the motorcycle knowledge test and restart the MGDL process from the 1st stage – we don’t want that! 

  • No passengers 
  • No nighttime riding (1/2 hour before sunset to 1/2 hour after sunrise) 
  • No vehicle towing 
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol and drug impairment, no matter what your age is while driving a motorcycle 
  • Must display red Learner placard 'L' 
  • Must wear protective gear

Motorcycle Novice 1 - Endorsement M

To go from the Learner stage to Novice 1, you need to have your learner’s licence for a total of 12 months and take a motorcycle road test. This hands-on demonstration will test motorcycle riding practices like your lane position and safe riding techniques. 

You’re tested on:

  • starting, stopping and turning
  • traffic signs and signals
  • passing vehicles and lane driving
  • riding through controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • proper lane positioning
  • recognizing the possibility of hazardous conditions

Once you pass your road test and get your Novice 1, you have to pay your $500 MGDL fee (unless you can show proof of your completion of an SGI-approved motorcycle training course – so keep those receipts). After passing this road test, remember to validate your endorsement at a motor licence issuer, and pay the $15 fee.   


  • No passengers
  • No riding between midnight and 5 a.m.
  • No vehicle towing
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol and drug impairment, no matter what your age is while driving a motorcycle
  • Must display a green Novice placard 'N'
  • Must wear protective gear

Motorcycle Novice 2 - Endorsement M

Incident-free for 12 months? Congrats, you’ve graduated to “M” Endorsment, making you an experienced and badass motorcycle rider. SGI will mail your new license to you! In the Novice 2 stage you can only ride motorcycles up to 400cc. Once you’re through the novice stages you’re still considered a learner (with learner restrictions) on any larger motorcycles.

Remember to keep showing that training program receipt as proof so SGI waves the $500 MGDL fee! 


  • No vehicle towing
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol and drug impairment, no matter what your age is while driving a motorcycle
  • Must display a green Novice placard 'N'
  • Must wear protective gear

Motorcycle Unrestricted “M”

To go from Novice 2 to a full, unrestricted “M” motorcycle licence, you have to stay incident-free for 12 months. Plus, you’re eligible for a $450 rebate after you graduate from the MGDL program, if you:

  • joined the program after Jan. 1, 2016,
  • completed an SGI-approved motorcycle course before you graduated, and
  • graduated from the MGDL program incident-free – no licence suspensions or motorcycle traffic convictions/at-fault collisions.